Terms & Conditions

for the Provision of Services by Schools Insight Publications Ltd on this Website


1. Please read these terms and conditions very carefully before ordering any goods and/or services from our website.

  • Part One sets out the terms and conditions you agree to when you buy goods and services from our website.
  • Part Two sets out the general conditions which apply in addition to Parts One and Two

2. We are Schools Insight Publications Ltd (“We” “us”) of Schools Insight Publications Ltd, United Kingdom and are contactable at jdodds@schoolsinsight.co.uk   and by telephone at 01395 576829

3. We are the supplier of services purchased from this website unless expressly stated otherwise.

4. By ordering services through these pages or pages displaying a link to these terms and conditions, you as our customers (“you”) warrant that you are over the age of 18 and that you agree to be legally bound by them.

5. We offer guidance and pointers based on our experience of categories of educational establishments we feature.

PART ONE - Services


8. Your order is an offer to Register your institution and post Job Vacancies on our website. Our confirmation of your order or our acceptance of your payment over the internet or otherwise is our acceptance of your offer.

9. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the details you enter on the order form are complete and correct. We will not be liable for any loss or damage that arises from you entering incorrect or incomplete information.


10. All prices are quoted in pounds sterling and exclude VAT.  The price for the services is the price shown on our website when you pay for the services.

11. In the unlikely event that a price stated different from that stated elsewhere on the website, please contact us promptly at jdodds@schoolsinsigt.co.uk or telephone us at 01395 576829 before completing your order and making payment.

Delivery of the Service

27. If for any reason we cannot accept your request for registration, and subject to your request to waive any right of cancellation as a consumer to activate your registration within fifteen days after you have made your order and paid for it, we will notify you by e-mail and will, unless you are happy to wait longer for us to supply you with the service(s), refund any money you have already paid.

28. In the unlikely event that any service(s) you have ordered is/are no longer available we will notify you by e-mail and will promptly refund any money you have paid.

30. Our liability for our failure to deliver the service(s) to you is limited to delivering them within a reasonable time or to issue a refund of the price of the service(s).

Usage and Copyright

31 Your password, and your rights on registration, are personal to you and may not be sold or transferred.

32. If you are not a consumer you have no entitlement to share your registration facilities with anyone else. If you are a consumer you may not, without our express permission, make your registration facilities available to any person outside your immediate school, whether for gain or otherwise.

33. You are responsible for keeping and must keep your password secure, and you will be responsible for the acts and omissions in the utilisation of your password and access afforded as a result.

34. We reserve the right, in our absolute discretion, to disable or alter your password or to withdraw your rights of access if the pattern of usage on your account suggests that these conditions of access have been breached.

35. All copyrights and database rights are reserved. No part of the Information or content supplied to you may be reproduced, stored in or introduced into a network, or transmitted, in any form, or by any other means than for back up alone (and then only during the currency of any registration) and (if a consumer)for your own personal use without our prior written permission.


37. IMPORTANT: The terms and conditions you agree to when you buy services from this website also incorporate the General Terms set out in Part Two  below and you must also read them before buying those services from us.

PART TWO - General Terms

Communication with you

(1) We shall give you notice of any material matters by posting notices on the website and/or by sending email communications to you at the email address you have notified to us. Any notice that you need to give us in writing can be sent by email to jdodds@schoolsinsight.co.uk (which will be deemed to be received 24 hours after proof of e-delivery) or by first class or airmail post to Schools Insight Publications Ltd c/o Simon Martin Accountant, Kerslakes Court, King Street, Honiton Devon, EX14 1DA (which will be deemed to be received on the second working day after the date of posting if sent from the United Kingdom and on the fifth working day if from outside the United Kingdom).

(2) If you have any complaints or comments about our services please contact jdodds@schoolsinsight.co.uk

Your Personal Information

(3) By using this Website you authorise us to use, store or process any information that you provide, including your email, name and address for customer services, administration payment and marketing purposes. We also use cookies to collect information about your use of our system and your buying behaviour.

(4) If you wish to be contacted for marketing purposes please indicate to that effect on our registration form If at any time you change your mind please email us at jdodds@schoolsinsight.co.uk or write to us at Schools Insight Publications Ltd c/o Simon Martin Accountant, Kerslakes Court, King Street, Honiton Devon, EX14 1DA

(5) You must ensure that any information you provide us is accurate and complete. For more information on how we deal with your personal information, and your right to view the information held, please read our Schools Insight privacy policy

(6) Any service offered to you from this website is subject to your compliance with our Standard Terms and Conditions for Website Access, which you agree to when entering and using this website. You recognise that whilst we use reasonable technological measures to prevent unauthorised material being introduced onto our website and webserver, we unfortunately cannot guarantee that our on-line service will at all times be free from any virus malware or other unauthorised program and you are responsible for protecting your own server and or computer by use of appropriate software programs to prevent or impede the introduction of any such unauthorised programs.

Right to cancel Part 1 Registrations by consumers resident in the European Economic Area

(7) If you are a consumer and wish to cancel your registration for whatever reason, you must notify us by sending us a cancellation notice (we set out a specimen notice at the end of these terms which you can use) either by email to jdodds@schoolsinsight.co.uk  or by first class mail to Schools Insight Publications Ltd c/o Simon Martin Accountant, Kerslakes Court, King Street, Honiton Devon, EX14 1DA. The following will then apply:

  1. You may cancel any registration by sending us a cancellation notice at any time up to 14 days after you have made your purchase. If you do so you will be entitled to a refund which we will make within 15 days of the date on which you give us your cancellation notice.
  2. The supply of your service will commence at the end of the cancellation period unless you ask us to supply it promptly but in that case you will not be entitled to a refund for the services used in that fourteen day period.
  3. You are under a duty to not to begin, alternatively to cease to use any service which you have been supplied after you have sent us your cancellation notice and we reserve the right to discontinue any connection to such service as appropriate.

Delay in performance – Force Majeure

(8) If we are prevented from carrying on our business due to circumstances beyond our reasonable control, including act of God, national or local government action, power or communications failures, cyberattack, strikes, war, riot or civil commotion

  • If we are prevented from providing you with on-line services, we will (if the interruption lasts for longer than 7 days in any one year) extend your registration by twice the length of the interruption. If the interruption lasts for more than 14 days in any one year you may give us notice to cancel this agreement; and we will refund the unexpired part of your registration.

Limitation of Our Liability

(9) Save in the event of death or personal injury caused by our negligent act or omission, or any fraudulent misrepresentation for which we are responsible, we shall not liable for any loss, damage, expenses or costs of whatever nature

  • caused by any defect in the services supplied in excess of the price of the service(s) you have bought and or any subscription charge you have paid for the then current period, if any.

(10) These terms and conditions do not displace the statutory entitlements of consumers within the European Economic Area. Save in that respect all other implied terms conditions and warranties are hereby excluded to the fullest extent permitted by law.

No Waiver and no 3rd Party Rights

(11) If we do not immediately follow up on any breach of any of these terms by you it cannot be taken as a waiver of our entitlements in connection with that or any subsequent breach of the same or any other terms by you.

(12) No person other than the purchaser of any of our services  is entitled to enforce these terms and the provisions of the Contracts (Rights of Third Parties) Act 1999 are expressly excluded.

Governing Law and jurisdiction

(13) The contract (including its formation these terms and their construction) between you and us is governed by English Law.

(14) The English Courts have non-exclusive jurisdiction over disputes between us and consumers resident in the European Economic Area.

(15) The Exeter County Court has exclusive jurisdiction of disputes between us and all non-consumer parties




From [                                                                                              ] of [                                                                                                        ]

[And][                                                                                               ] of [                                                                                                        ]

               (here state your name in capitals)                                                  (here state your address).

I/We (as appropriate) hereby give notice that I/we (delete as appropriate) wish to cancel my/our (delete as appropriate) contract reference number:

[                                   ]

Signed                                                       Date

Signed                                                       Date


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