Barkway VA First School

High Street

Head:  Sharon Brown

Pupils: 30

Gender: Mixed

Ages: 5 to 9

Type: Voluntary aided school

Boarding: No

Religion: C of E

School Description by Ofsted

Information about this school
Barkway is a much smaller than average-sized first school. There are two classes. Nursery, Reception and Year 1 children are taught as one class, Years 2, 3 and 4 as another. The proportion of disabled pupils and those who have special educational needs supported through school action is below the national average. The proportion supported by school action plus or with a statement of special educational needs is well below average. There are none in some year groups. Almost all of the pupils are White British and speak English as a first language. The number of pupils known to be eligible for the pupil premium is well below average. There are none in some year groups. The pupil premium is additional government funding, in this school provided for pupils known to be eligible for free school meals.

The school works in collaboration with nearby Barley First School, and shares the same executive headteacher. The two schools have separate governing bodies which have agreed to work in partnership together.

Barkway Pre-school shares the school site. This provision was not inspected as part of this inspection.

% Pupils first language not English


Percentage of pupils with English not as first language (EAL)

% Pupils eligible for FSM


Percentage of pupils eligible for Free School Meals at any time during the past 6 years

Average Salary


Pupil Teacher Ratio


Number of Teachers


Full-time Equiv Teachers


Teaching Assistants


Teaching Assistants Equiv


No Vacancies.

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