Beis Ruchel Girls School

1-7 Seymour Road
M8 5BQ

Head:  Mrs Esther Krausz

Telephone: 01617951830

Pupils: 260

Gender: Girls

Ages: 3 to 11

Type: Other independent school

Boarding: No

Religion: None

School Description by Ofsted

Information about this school
Beis Ruchel Girls School is an independent school, which opened in November 1995. The school is located in the Crumpsall area of Manchester, about four miles north of the city centre.

There are 264 pupils on roll. The school is a provider of nursery education. There are 14 pupils who have special educational needs or disability. Very few pupils have an education, health and care plan.

The school provides education for the children of the religious Orthodox Jewish Chassidic communities in Manchester and Salford.

Most pupils are members of the Satmar community; however, girls from other Jewish backgrounds attend the school.

The school offers a religious (Kodesh) and a secular (Chol) curriculum.

All pupils are bilingual, able to speak Yiddish and English. Almost all pupils speak English as their second language.

The school aims to prepare the girls to become active members of their community, living ethical lives in harmony with others.

All pupils are educated on the school site.

No Vacancies.

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