Our Lady and St John College

North Road

Head:  Mr Patrick Murden

Pupils: 802

Gender: Mixed

Ages: 11 to 16

Type: Voluntary aided school

Boarding: No

Religion: RC

School Description by Ofsted

Information about this school
Our Lady and St John is smaller than the average-sized secondary school. The sixth form is very small. At the start of the year, only 18 students were on roll and this has reduced to six as the students transfer to St Mary's College. The sixth form is closing in the next five weeks, so all remaining students will transfer to the college. Over half of the students have been identified as disadvantaged because they are eligible for support from pupil premium funding. This figure is much higher than the national average. The pupil premium is a fund of money provided by the government to support this group of students. The group includes students who are, or have been, cared for by the local authority, and those who are eligible for free school meals. Close to a third of students, a proportion which is higher than the national average, have been identified as needing support, because they have special educational needs or a disability. A large majority of students are White British. Approximately one in every 8 students has an Indian heritage and one in every 6 a Pakistani heritage. The school uses St Mary's College as its sixth form provider. It also uses two pupil referral units: The Heights and St Thomas' to provide specialist teaching for some of its students. The acting headteacher is employed by St Patrick's Teaching School in Salford which also provides the support of its executive principal who is a National Leader of Education. Our Lady and St John also receives support from the Teaching School through specialist leaders in education. The school meets the current floor standards, which are the minimum expectations set by the government for students' attainment and progress in English and mathematics at the end of Key Stage 4. The governing body was replaced in summer 2014 by an Interim Executive Board. The National Leader of Education, the diocese and the head of school improvement in the local authority all sit on the board.

Progress 8 Score

Confidence interval is -0.76 to -0.29

Progress 8 Score GIRLS

Confidence interval is -0.47 to 0.23

Progress 8 Score BOYS

Confidence interval is -1.16 to -0.53

% Pupils first language not English


Percentage of pupils at the end of key stage 4 with English as additional language (EAL)

% Pupils disadvantaged


Percentage of pupils at the end of key stage 4 who are disadvantaged

Average Salary


Pupil Teacher Ratio


Number of Teachers


Full-time Equiv Teachers


Teaching Assistants


Teaching Assistants Equiv


No Vacancies.

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